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The Ohio Jamboree was held out of Marion, Ohio with many attending from the Tickin' T’s Club (both past and present members, plus newbies) We decided since not sure who were still paid up or not because of Covid - we went ahead and took all of those who were interested in being a part of the Central Ohio group.

Those in attendance from the past/present group: Dave and Cheri Nolting; Ben and Jacqueline Nolting/ Eric & Alex; Garrie and Kathy Nolting; Jim and Sue Cook;  Bruce and Suzanne Stauffer; Mike and Maryann Parker; John and Carol Harper/Finnigan, Olivia, Or; Joe and Barb Weaver.

** Newbies to Sign-Up: Andy and Megan Moore/Allison, Ameila, Audrey; Amy and Greta Stauffer-McNutt; Brent and Megan Stauffer -Miller/ Lydia & Isaac; Brian and Robin Williams (9 children but none in the picture at the time) 

We had a great time for the Friday thru Sunday Tour! The weather held for use with it not being too hot or too cold. 

It was just about right for a country tour.

The Friday tour was mainly around the Marion area - visiting the Tech School where studentsThe Friday tour was mainly around the Marion area - visiting the Tech School where students - visiting the Tech School from auto tech could first hand see how the Ford Model T engine was about the size of an average 360 lawn mower. They witnessed how to start the T and how to stop a T. Then our folks were given a tour of the RamTec Division that trains students in robotics that are used in the automotive industry today. We had tours in downtown Marion at the Popcorn Museum, The Historic Palace Theater and Harding Home and Museum. Ice Cream Social and Cake that evening!


Saturday we drove approx. 90 plus miles traveling through tree counties: Marion, Morrow and Delaware. Where we visited a 200 plus year old Quaker Church and graveyard both on the Historical Registry. Then 2 covered bridges and an old iron Truss bridge build in the 1920’s. Both one and two lane roads, some gravel and others with chip and seal. Many roads shaded and followed a winding creek bed, following where those traveled during the Underground Railroad Days.We also visited the Shamrock Winery and Lawrence Winery that was celebrating its centennial year. That evening was our banquet at the TriRivers  Career Center, along with our banquet. Pictures following:

Since the covered bridge became covered with caution decals on all sides we decided to do our photo ops at the last minute at the Huber Museum in Marion with their tractor and or steam engine. Here are many of our club members with their cars by the Marion steam shovel. 

We left from here and went to the Carousel Carvers in northern Marion County at a warehouse. Here we saw some of his car collections and his present carvings.



Lunch Time Enjoyment with visiting with friends and family:


The Banquet and Auction! A FUN FUN Time!!!!


Sunday - some drizzle but didn’t stop the T’s from moving down out of town to the railroad museum and down to Delaware Ohio to have lunch before heading back home for another year.


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