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OCTOBER 16-17 , 2021

Those folks planning to drive from our house, we will be taking off around 9:00 a.m. and heading north to Wooster, where we will meet up with others coming from the East and West parts of the state. I hope we can get up there around 11:30 to 12:30 and maybe grab a bite to eat somewhere along the way if needed. ( Yes I have bathrooms spotted along the way!) If we can't check into the motel until later, those with trailers coming from the other directions said we can put our bags into their enclosed trailers until after we are done for the day.


Saturday Afternoon Drive:


We will be heading north towards Orrville, maybe stopping to pick up a jar of jelly or jam, then heading on into town to their little historic site along the rails of Orrville (looks like a fun place for some pictures) plus a house of a Judge across the street that looks like it could use a few Model T's sitting in front of it for more pics. Then if all works out we will visit a Toy Museum in town, before continuing onto the town of Smithville where they will be having their Fall Harvest Festival with Apple Butter, Weaving, etc. do a walk about the town to visit the shops. Depending on the weather, we may decide to return to the motel for a visit and some coffee and cocoa. 


Sunday Afternoon Drive:


Sunday, we will head out about 9:00 driving to the local Secrest Arboretum and then head north east out of town circling through the countryside before coming back to The Pine Tree Barn for Lunch. 

Say Goodbye to our Friends until we meet again and send folks back for their trailers, where the others will drive back to our house in Marengo OH.


I think that pretty well covers it for now,